Servizi Travel Insight

Travel Insight provides market research and analysis and consulting services to travel companies and tourism boards.

Travel companies and tourism authorities can contact us for market research and analysis projects related to any aspect of the travel industry, for example the study of market segments in which they are active or are interested in entering, of distribution channels, new trends, competitive environment, etc. The research project will be totally customised on the basis of clients’ needs. Moreover, our work goes beyond market research and analysis, offering also a consultancy service that consists of recommending specific actions that clients can implement in order to improve their effectiveness and competitive position.

Phases of the project


The work of Travel Insight begins with a careful analysis of the brief received from the client, which includes both the objectives of the project and the position of the company in its sector of activity in relation to consumers and competitors.

Research and Analysis

The second phase of our work consists of an accurate research of all the available sources in order to collect the information requested by the client. Where necessary, telephone interviews with companies and institutions will also be carried out in order to acquire useful information for the research. The sources analysed also include data and information provided by the client on which absolute confidentiality will be kept towards any external party.

All data and information collected during the research process will then be analysed in light of our knowledge of the travel and tourism industry to respond to the specific requests made by the client.

Results of the research

The results of the research are delivered in the format best suited to the type of project and preferred by the client (PowerPoint, Excel and/or Word).

Our final reports are written in a form which makes it easy for clients to immediately implement the results of our research and analysis within their marketing strategy.

Final recommendations

An essential part of our final report/presentation is our recommendations regarding the actions that we suggest clients undertake in order to make their offer more competitive in their sector of activity, maximizing market share, sales and profits.

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